KBTC was first conceived by a small group of local triathlon enthusiasts in 2006 who would train together on Thursday nights at Kennebunk Beach, enjoyed and valued the camaraderie and desired a common identity for recognition at race events. From this, the club was formally established in the spring of 2007. We’re open to all, regardless of ability as we’re made up of accomplished triathletes, those new to the sport anxious to learn and excel in their own right, and everything in-between. Your participation will be welcomed.

KBTC Bylaws (July 2016)

2020 KBTC Board Members:

Carly T.
Member since 20xx | South Portland
Favorite thing/memory of KBTC?
Joanne W.
Member since 2011 | Kennebunk
My Favorite KBTC memory..the first time I showed up for a mini sprint in the summer of 2011. I would have never dreamed it would have led to 2 ironman races, a few 1/2 ironman races and several other sprint and oly races. The group was friendly and didn’t make me feel like a beginner. After the first night, I was hooked and I have been coming ever since.¬†
Meaghan A.
Member since 2015 | Arundel
Favorite thing/memory of KBTC?
My favorite thing about KBTC is that we have all abilities, people doing different distances, and we all still support each other in our development. KBTC is like a family in the Tri world.
Sherri B.
Member since 2017 | Wells
Favorite thing/memory of KBTC?
Guy P.

Member since 2016

Favorite KBTC thing/memory?